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Re-boot Collective is Perth’s premier health and wellness centre, offering state of the art facilities and mental health of our clients, and with our modern technology and dedicated trainers, we can keep you healthier for longer.

“We listen to your needs, we understand you movement patterns while allowing full recovery with our wellness lounge.”

We care about <br>your <span>Recovery</span>

We care about
your Recovery

Reboot Recover Restore was designed and built with the philosophy of Owner Michael Colley to balance the physical demands of every day life and create sustainable mental and soul well-being. Health and fitness is a balance between constant physical demand and the ability to ensure the human body is able to recover efficiently. Please enjoy the Reboot Recover Restore Wellness Lounge and what it has to offer.

Reboot, Recover, Restore is the perfect combination of fitness, recovery and relaxation. Built and designed to ensure you get the most out of your mind, body and soul. Treat yourself to a well deserved treatment that will leave you feeling Rebooted and ready to take on the world.