We are based on Respect, Commitment & Empowerment!

Our Mission

Is to deliver a product that ensures satisfaction. To achieve results and effectively make a difference.

Re-boot’s lifestyle is to allow expression, team work and belonging.

“We are not just a fitness company. We are family, a friend, competitor and supporter”


The Collective was founded after a life changing event to its founder. From this the name RE-BOOT was created. There are things in life we can’t control but with The RE-BOOT Collective we challenge you to take control of your fitness and achieve positive change. Life is full of challenges. When a situation effects your life you have a choice to re-boot and make effective change. RE-BOOT Collective will empower you and your journey. Whether it is fitness, weight loss, stress management or comradery, RE-BOOT Collective is with you all the way to ensure you are 100% satisfied.


Founder: Michael Colley 2015.

Meet The Founder

Michael Colley



Michael Colley is a dynamic trainer who is known for training clients in new and innovative ways, and getting them results. His unique training style, combined with his beliefs and lifestyle philosophy, allows Michael to tailor each of his client’s training and nutrition, and work with them to build a sustainable health and fitness lifestyle.


His extraordinary reputation among the industry for going above and beyond for his clients has seen members travel over 60 minutes to train at the Re-Boot Fitness studio in North Perth.


Michael’s dedication to his studio and clients has seen him create a friendly and professional fitness environment where new and old clients alike can embrace a feeling of family and comradery.


Since leaving the mining industry in 2015, Michael’s commitment to quality and care has seen the studio continue to grow along with his passion for fitness and dedication to every unique individual he works with.


Michael’s testimonials are proof that whatever the goal and client’s needs, with the right motivation and support, any result can be achieved.


Qualifications: Qualified Master Trainer, Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Coaching, Stretching & Mobility, Boxing Level 1 & 2, First Aid / CPR.


Expertise: Weight loss, Body sculpting, Muscle building, Rehabilitation & Mentoring, Mindset and Mental Health .

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