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Tracking your Progress and being educated in Crushing set Goals. All this with the Help of Body Composition Scanner and our team.

At Re-Boot Collective, our trainers are familiar with using body composition scanners to assess our trainees’ overall health. Likewise, the trainees can get the vital baseline measurements for tracking and measuring progress. Based on the measurements, our trainers help the trainees to assess the important metrics like total body fat, muscle mass and visceral fat while going ahead with transformation.


We can gain insights into your specific body composition, allowing us to tailor an exercise plan just for you. The body scanner will reveal how your body deals with weight loss and muscle gain, and even gives us information on what diet might help you get the most out of your body.

• As the Evolt Body Scanner is a simple-to-use tool, we prefer to use it since it provides detailed data regarding the generated detailed data about the body through above 40 measurements. This 60-second scanner operates simply bypassing safe electrical current through our trainees’ feet and hands.

• The resistance to current flow determines the difference existing between fat mass, muscle mass, minerals and water – the measurement is far beyond the one-size-fits-all generic BMI. The individual-specific readings help us to better customize health and wellness programs.

• Our trainers analyze the Evolt Body Composition scanner generated information to certify we are on the right track with our designed exercise regimen.

• From the analyzed information and the guided exercise module, we help our trainers to understand whether their body fat has reduced, muscle mass increased and they have lost weight. In brief, through the Evolt Body Composition Scanner, our trainers can help our trainees to check whether they are becoming healthier compared to their start.

• Adjusting the workout program becomes easier to ensure both our trainers and trainees are reaching their goals.

• Book a Macro Consult with Owner Michael Colley to achieve the ultimate tailored nutrition guide for you to accomplish your results

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Maximise your exercise output
Our body scan technology allows us to predict how your body might react to specific diets, and our expert trainers are on hand to help educate and guide you towards foods that will maximise your exercise output and help you achieve your fitness goals.