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HIIT Workout Challenge

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3-4 sessions per week

Body composition scans

Protein Shake after sessions

Accountability check-ins

Wellness lounge access to4 x Infrared saunas

1 x floats and 1 x steamcocoons

Re-Boot Collective 8 week Heavy Bar Hiit challenge is designed for people who live a busy life and want to get in and out fast. Our sessions go for 45 mins. The programs are designed for a group setting while keeping elements individualised.

Your programs will consist of sets as well as timed movements. Our focus is to create as much change as possible in your session by keeping your muscles guessing.
You will be encouraged to lift heavy, focus on form, and change your own physical and mental limits.
This is a place of open , nonjudgement. You are all accepted as the Re-Boot Collective Group

Remember hit it hard at the gym then fuel your body post work out with a in house made shake, learn flexible eating, recover in our wellness lounge and create that change you have always wanted in your life.With head Coach and Owner Michael Colley taking the classes you will be pushed and challenged

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