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Massage And Sound Healing Therapy For Living Happy and Stress Free Life

Drift into deep relaxation and connect your soul-self completely through massage and vibrational sound healing therapy. This is how you can experience profound healing. At Re-Boot Collective, we encourage you to experience wellness by focussing on physical health and emotional well-being.

When you are looking for a deeply relaxing healing experience, then non-evasive massage and sound healing therapy from Re-Boot Collective is for you. If you are willing to book a massage and sound healing therapy, then after the therapy is done, then you have to keep a less active routine. It is then that the healing will start deepening since it is going to continue after the session.

Either you shall experience a quietude feeling, slow down emotional feeling, and mental or physical release; or else you could experience an extended feeling to let go and attune to your soulful state of better spaciousness within.

Our therapists are here to provide us with the necessary relaxing and stress relieving feeling. While and after the massage sessions, you shall benefit from remarkable improvements in circulation, lymphatic drainage, relieving cramped and knotted muscles and soothing overstimulated nerves.

We are offering soothing relaxing Swedish Massage, Reflexology, and more therapeutic and firmer deep tissue massage. At our wellness centre, we have also made arrangements for the conceiving mothers with a special table where they can have all the comforts they need while receiving a soothing and reinvigorating massage.

Since massage manipulates the body’s soft tissues, it is equally helpful at improving circulation by fetching oxygen and other needed nutrients to body tissues. Massage, along with sound healing therapy relieves pains and muscle tensions, increases flexibility and mobility, and clears lactic acid along with other wastes for reducing pains and stiffness in joints and muscles.

We are experts at providing a combined healing massage with Reiki with singing bowls that work to shift energy levels and unblock the stagnated pathways, thereby injecting new lease of life force energy into the body. The gentle harmonizing sound and vibrations induce a soothing state of deep relaxation for relieving stress and pains, releasing tense muscles and blockages, stimulating circulation and creating a soothing effect on fascial tissues. As negativities start melting away, space for inner peace and deep relaxation is created that further activates the natural healing processes of the body, and finally improves mental, physical and emotional well–being.

Would you like to forget all the stress and welcome peace to your life? Come over to Re-Boot Collective. For more information, talk to us.


Customised Pamper Packages using the following services in a bundle are also available, please contact us to customise your own or book these individually as required:

Babysitting is available on bookings for above services for $20 extra.