More than just a challenge and a transformation!

Change Your Life with Re-Boot Fitness in 8 Weeks


This is more than a challenge and more than a transformation! It’s empowering you to take control of your life past the 8 weeks.

I, (Michael Colley) Founder and Owner of a small business Re-Boot Fitness ask you this!

Are you fed up with quick fixes?

Are you frustrated with not knowing how to continue living while keep the results you worked hard for in the challenge?

Finding a fitness business that puts the same amount of effort in achieving physical goals and achievements, as well as mental health and well-being.

We have no hidden fees, No hidden agendas. Being able to help people is the huge reward.

The Next Re-Boot Your Body and Mind in 8 Weeks Will Start When You Make the First Step to Positive Change!

Are You Ready to Step Forward and Rejuvenate Your Health and Fitness?

This specialised package includes:


We have two time slots available, 6am and 6pm

  • 3 x 45min Small Group Strength and Conditioning sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • PLUS a bonus Saturday Heavy Bar HIIT.
  • Evolt 360 Body Scans at the start, finish and every 2 weeks in between.
  • Nutrition Guidance and Macro break downs for client individual needs – i.e. Structured meal plans and dietary guidance. (Yes, you have read right! These are custom to each individual on the design of flexible nutrition planning).
  • Mentoring and Coaching throughout the 8 weeks by Owner Michael Colley and Head coachs Tori & Brayden. This exclusive aspect of the challenge guarantees you will achieve a better understanding of a more flexible way to an active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle for yourself as a unique individual.
  • Throughout your 8 week journey, you will have access to 2 small group seminars focused around Mindset Coaching and one individual meeting. During this time, you will develop new methods to create personal break throughs, challenge your preconceived limitations and achieve new and more healthful outlooks.

Ready to meet the


How the “Re-Booted in 8 weeks” WILL work for you.

  • Unlimited Group PT and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with Strength and Conditioning. Our small challenge numbers allow a personal approach to each client ensuring form and technique is a focal point while everyone achieving their personal goals. Each session will be focused on specific strength programs targeting all areas of the body. From this, the last half of the session we will then take the exercises completed in the strength training component of the workout and program them it into a calorie burning 20 minute HIIT session that will leave you feeling seriously challenged and totally alive.
  • Initial consultation with Evolt 360 body scan. This will then be followed every 2 week by another Evolt 360 body scan and individual macro breakdown to help you understand how to make sustainable healthy life style changes and help you to create healthy personal habits. This fortnightly check-in helps create accountability in positive life changes while the team at Re-Boot fitness can monitor your progress using factual statistics. Let’s make this lifestyle sustainable long after the 8 weeks. (Valued at $174)
  • Access to the Studio/ Gym outside of the session so you can develop confidence and understanding of fitness outside of the Small Group sessions. (Valued at $180)
  • 2 x Mindset Coaching seminars tickets to help free you from fears and doubts that limit you from succeeding in aspects of your life. (Worth over $100)
  • Access to 4 x 35min Private Infrared Sauna with monsoon shower to help with muscle rehabilitation, unwinding from the everyday stresses of life and much more. (Valued at $100)
  • 3 x 45min Floatation Therapy sessions to help mind, body and soul.

ONLY $550, normally $650. Bring a friend and sign up together to receive a further $50 off each.

This total specialised package is valued at $1150, but with your commitment and dedication to make a change, we can help you discover your best self for

Why do we list the price? Because we know the program works. Why is it heavily discounted? Because learning to live a healthier life should be affordable.

We know this program is an investment to improve your life for the long term. That’s right not just for the 8 weeks. You will be equipped with the skill-sets and knowledge to take charge of your life.

We know making this change and taking the next step can be scary. But our honest non-intimidating approach not only is in the studio but also in our advertising and business as a whole.

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