Reboot, Recover & Restore

Welcome to the Wellness lounge.


Reboot Recover Restore was designed and built with the philosophy of Owner Michael Colley to balance the physical demands of every day life and create sustainable mental and soul well-being. Health and fitness is a balance between constant physical demand and the ability to ensure the human body is able to recover efficiently. Please enjoy the Reboot Recover Restore Wellness Lounge and what it has to offer.


Reboot, Recover, Restore is the perfect combination of fitness, recovery and relaxation. Built and designed to ensure you get the most out of your mind, body and soul. Treat yourself to a well deserved treatment that will leave you feeling Rebooted and ready to take on the world.

Non Member Sessions



4 Hour Group Booking






8 Hour Group Booking




Customised Pamper Packages using the following services in a bundle are also available, please contact us to customise your own or book these individually as required:


  • Floatation Therapy (30min, 45min or 60min) – from $40
  • Hydro Sauna Aroma-therapy Massage (30min, 45min or 60min) – from $40
  • Foam Rolling & Trigger Class – $20
  • Trigger Massage Therapy (1on1) – from $35
  • Infrared Sauna & Monsoon Shower (35min / 50min) – from $25
  • Spray Tanning – $25


Face & Body Treatments


  • Eyelash Extensions
    – Classic – $130
    – Volume – $160
  • Eyelash Lift – $65
  • Eyebrow Wax – $25
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint – from $25

** Crèche available on bookings for above services for $20 extra.

Universal Rays Energy Healing

– A Three Phase Healing Journey:

  • Session 1: Initial healing session (you must have this before any other healing work) – This session consists of a soul chart reading and a healing. You must have a soul chart reading done prior to any healing work. In the soul chart reading we discover what your mission is in this lifetime, what your greatest lessons and challenges are around, where you are being supported and challenged in your mental, emotional and physical worlds. Having this awareness allows you to understand more about yourself and what you want to achieve. You will then pick 3 soul cards that are to be worked on over the 3 healing sessions, resolving karma and breaking limiting belief patterns that you may or may not know are impacting your life. You will be emailed information about your soul chart and a summary of what happened during the session.
  • Session 2 and 3: We work on the second or third card in your journey (depending what we are up to) breaking and releasing different patterns and beliefs that are in your way of success. Check in and debrief about what has come up for you or changed since the last healing. You will be emailed a summary of what happened during your healing. Once you have completed the 3 sessions you are sure to have shifts in your life.

** before any healing session you must complete an initial session and receive a soul chart reading.


Pay $350 upfront and save $45.

Session 1 $195

Session 2 & 3 $100 each


If you want more time and or life coaching around the issues coming up during healing and with your cards you may add these services.